Friday, February 26, 2010

Wine and Snow

The Man hath released us early from work today, due to the blizzard, so we findeth ourselves at home sipping (what a sissy-ass word) drinking a very nice cote du Rhone. With steaks in the fridge and potatoes and sprouts to roast, we findeth ourselves (our mouths especially) exceeding joyful.

We are also happy to report to the world that our visit to Barnes and Noble at 3rd and 53rd (during the hour of luncheon) wast not in vain. We hath found ourselves a copy of Throne of Blood to revel in this evening*.

Taketh it away Mifune san!

*Lest the reader thinketh we are peculiar among poets in our taste for this movie, no less a scribbler than Mr. Eliot himself hath found it agreeable to his taste. In fact, the taste of Mr. Eliot intersecteth with ours in more than one respect. He hath oft expressed a love for these gentlemen as well.

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