Thursday, February 25, 2010

Altered States

As you may (or may not have) noticed, a little bit of renovation has been going on here at wheniwasoneandtwenty. No, no, no, you wonderful wags, we are not about to become wheniwasoneandtwenty-one. We intend to remain simply oneandtwenty for as long as we can get away with it. Decades. Perhaps even centuries. Screw twenty-two.

What I mean is that I have been updating the lists of poems and prose pieces on the side-bar, to add to your reading pleasure. Careful observers will also note a bit of jiggery-pokery going on with our blogroll: additions, subtractions, and alterations, all in the name of keeping current with great art.

Speaking of Art, for all of you short story fans out there (Yes, I mean you. Own up. There is no point in putting your hands in your pockets and studying your shoes. I know a short story lover when I see one. I have slept with enough. Well, maybe not enough, you can never sleep with enough, but certainly plenty.) you might want to check out the new title,
Ganymede Stories One, from Ganymede publications.

An excellent omnibus of the latest and greatest lads in literature ever assembled under one editorial roof.

Don't take my word word for it. Scroll down and check out some
sample pages for yourself...

In the meantime, while you are busy over there, I am going to play with my plumbing, in order to keep my poems, er, coming.

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