Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sōseki’s Oranges

Beyond a grove of mandarins
depicted in this book I am
finishing, a flickering
candle flame unleashes a crazy
crowd of shadows. Demons dance
across the wall, TV, my toes—

everywhere except this page
I mark for you—130.
Maybe those monsters are enraged
nothing of importance lies
beyond Sōseki’s oranges

tonight. A hurricane.
Downed power lines. The grave.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ghost Limb

It seems ridiculous, but I can feel
phantom fingers tickling my thigh.
That sensation on my skin’s so real,
I reach out for your hand. Don’t ask me why

I reach for you. I am a lunatic
for dwelling on your presence in this way—
way past the time of your departure. It
must be nerves playing tricks. Nerves love to play.

Everything suggests you’re here right now.
Everything beyond my leg is numb,
calm, relaxed, like after laughter. How
infectious some good memories become:

golden, green, then gangrenous. I
m sure
I should have cut your arm off.

I am sure.