Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 9--Takaaki

Today's 14 line installment in l'affaire Pushkin sees the introduction of Takaaki, the eponymous hero of our poem.

Instead of including all of the stanzas that have led to his introduction at this particular point in time, I am going simply link
here to yesterday's post for those of you who wish to catch up.

I hope you don't mind spending a few days getting to know Takaaki. I had an awful lot of fun doing it. And I hope you will, too.

Takaaki enters here as a lithe leopard
Belt being unbuckled at the Y.
We had not exchanged a single word
Apart from the perfunctory, “Hi,”
One naturally nods when in the shower—
Never letting eyes fall any lower
Than chin, if necessary, collarbone,
Careful to leave well enough alone—
Lest anything unseemly rise to blur
The steely line of bubbles separating
Clean from curious, and creating
Questions about conditioners—whether
Grapefruit is a proper pubic scent—
Even in a Thought Experiment.

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