Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day-3 Post 2

I hope you're sitting down. Here it is, what you have all been waiting for. Post number two for May 5th, 2009...

Part I

Paint me a pair of bold anfractuous rocks
Set somewhere in Cyclades. Or not.
I’ll take a bedsheet, far from alarm clocks,
A sunny afternoon in August, hot
Enough to fry eggs, even on the grass.
I’d happily allow my life to pass
While adding stanzas to a little song
In between cherries on the Great Lawn,
Watching people with someplace to be
Hurrying to different destinations.
‘Who visits New York for their vacations?’
I’d ask some poor, pitiable bee
Attempting to ascend a lost, cut flower.
Surely, God would not begrudge an hour

To these, which He allows Humanity—
His proper representatives—not us—
I mean the other insects, reader. We
Are miserably waiting for a bus
Under an awning, in the pouring rain,
Comparing travel ads: yours has a plane
Soaring o’er a rocky isle in Greece—
Perhaps a portion of the Cyclades—
Surrounded by a vehemently blue
Mediterranean. Far below—
Scarcely visible on the white beach—
Are two tiny yellow umbrellas which
Clearly belong to us, you know, although
Tantalizingly out of reach. Too bad.
It really is a very pretty ad.

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