Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Where Angels Fear to Tread

While it was not my intention to appear as a complete fool, at least publicly, I have a feeling that the premature publication of "Canto I" may have created that impression. However correct your estimate of my idiocy may be, I wish to apologize to Homer--and to Humanity--for that poem.

After 20 years of writing, I really should know better than to run off like a maniac and publish early. I spent the weekend recosidering my version of Ulysses and re-reading the Odyssey (Fagles translation). I have no idea what I was thinking. A classic case of hubris. Oh, well...

There may be a few salvagable lines of text. I am going to put the whole thing into a drawer somewhere and forget about it for a few weeks, while I finish reading the Odyssey and begin working my way through my new math book. There is nothing like a little trigonometry to settle a jangled set of nerves.


On a happier note, the crew of Atlantis has arrived safely back on earth, after a 12 day mission at the International Space Station. Thank Heaven for answered prayers.

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