Thursday, February 7, 2008

Naturally, I missed it....

Here I am all ready to watch Atlantis lift off LIVE (something I haven't done since I watched John Young and Bob Crippen on the first Space Shuttle flight, when I was 13, in 1981) and I wind up photocopying a recent decision from the Appellate Division 1st Department from the New York Law Journal, when the whole spectacular thing happens.

I will have to catch STS-122 on NASA TV when I get home after the gym tonight. It is never as exciting, though, to watch a shuttle launch after the fact. It is a bit like watching a recorded football game. Interesting, yes, but somehow slightly lacking in goosepimples.

I am thinking I might need to get one of these to keep an eye on the comings and going of Mankind in the evenings. I have noticed that there is a whole universe visible above the orange city lights of Stamford, Connecticut. Who'd have thought that such a thing was possible in New England?

I know I never did. That is, until I got out of the car one night and idly looked down at the light on the ground. And then I looked up. (Click below.)

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