Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Landscape with Cannibals

I was feeling a bit poetical today, so I thought I would post a new poem.

It may not be my best work, but I think it is kind of fun all of the same...

Landscape with Cannibals
For J.L.K.

I’ve never seen one quite so alien
as yours, or so hospitable. I can
imagine diving in—drinking it
all in—toads, twisted trees, citrus,

pancreatic delicacies
cut from beasts I do not recognize;
I hear them crackling on the hot coals,
shared like songs, or stories, round a fire.

I’ve been to other worlds and I have
eaten other things. Stolen kisses.
I’ve plundered planetary systems, too,
for souvenirs. They jingle in my pocket

now, like keys to an apartment I
long ago surrendered. Yes, I know
these teeth open no doors today, nor do
I care. I keep these little trinkets to

remind me where I’ve been, what you contain:
another universe. Full of stars.

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