Wednesday, January 3, 2007

So far, so goo..

The only wrinkle is that I haven’t posted anything new in 5 days, which is appalling behavior for a blogger, especially one with a following of hungry readers that numbers in the billions. I hope to make up for this lapse in the very near future, not only with an especially witty post, but perhaps with a selection of tasteful nudes.

Before we get to any skin, however, please let me pause to thank Carol and Eileen for a lovely New Year’s Eve 2007 and to recommend a wonderful brand of hot sauce I experimented with this weekend: Scorned Woman. Excellent on your eggs and delirious in Bloody Marys. Never will your eyes water with more pleasure...

At least not in public.

For M.Z.C.

I'm glad you bang me like a door
When I stick pins in your behind;
Your lap is my electric chair,
But, onion of my eye, be kind:

My jawbones click like castanets,
The moon fandangoes in your face,
Our knuckles crack in common time,
"The organist has lost his place!"

O, Cupid you're the devil's priest!
Behind that laughing mask of gold
You rummage in my heart for plums
Then gobble up my living soul!

Hell is just a state of mind,
As the lovely Lucifer observed.
Although my things are singed a bit,
I've come from Heaven. It's absurd:

I need you more than cyanide,
You put the strychnine back in tea:
I'd rather run around with you
Creating total Anarchy!

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